Barn Tvedestrand

Transformation of agricultural building from the 19th century


Tvedestrand, Norway



Completed 2021

Transformation of 19th century small barn on the coast of Norway for a private client into domestic use. The barn is constructed with field stones, notched logs (laft) and stud work. The proposal adds bathrooms, kitchen, living spaces and two bedrooms into an old agricultural structure. The main driver of the transformation is to compress new domestic services to retain original features of the building. The existing openings in the building were originally used to bring in, animals, hay and farming equipment. They now bring in light and are kept as simple picture windows with recessed frames. The bulky mass of masonry and stone that make up the fireplace also contains stair and storage and replaces a dilapidated stone wall - leaving one stone in place to act as both structural support and object “as found”.