Boat House

Renovation of boat house


Lyngør, Norway



Status: On site

The boat house is situated on the western side of Lyngør Island in a preservation area. The building cantilevers over the sea and is partly supported by iron posts. The building is from around 1910 and is now in partly dilapidated state. The building has been built in different phases and has an asymmetric gable and a retaining wall in concrete against the sloping terrain to the south.The intervention includes a facade change of the back of the building to the south, the improvement of cladding on all facades and the reinstatement of corrugated iron on the roof. The facade to the north will be maintained but could be opened temporarily in a combination of hanging doors and sliding doors so that up to half of this facade can be opened to the north-east. This gives both views and lights to the boat house interiors in the evenings during the summer. In the closed position, the boat house will appear as it does today, like a flush wall with wooden panelling. A path with steps in stone on the site connects the boat house directly to the other houses on the estate.