Renovation of historic house


Lyngør Island, Norway



Completed Spring 2018

Bryggerhuset was erected around 1750 and is one of several buildings on an estate known locally as the Doctors Farm on Lyngør Island. The building used to be an auxiliary store house with a baker oven and a granary. The construction is mainly notched log (laft) with timber paneling outside. The house has features that elevates it above a typical store house from this period. The doors, the ironmongery and the skirtings are well crafted and there are remnants of plaster lining on the inside of the log walls. The house was not habitable when the present owners bought the estate. The windows were from the 90’s and some materials inside are not compatible with the historical value of the building. There were no running water and major damages due to rotting timber. The first floor contains a kitchen, living room and dining room in open solution, with an office on the corner to the garden as well as a winter entrance through the current door under the porch. The bedroom and bathroom are located on the second floor.