Renovation of 19th century manor house


Lyngør Island, Norway



Completed October 2017

Doktorhuset is situated on Lyngør Island and consists of the refurbishment and reconstruction of a manor house from 1850 along with the landscaping of the adjacent historic garden. The house measures approximately 300 square meter internal area, excluding basement and attic. The site is in a conservation area of great historic importance and alterations to the facade towards the main strait is prohibited. The house was stripped down to its basic log construction to insulate and repair damages occurred through the years, roof tiles and inappropriate windows from the 1980’s replaced, chimneys re-erected to their original positions All the main functions of the house where located on the westside: kitchen, dining and year round living room. While on the east side the formal living room and office where rarely used. To address this imbalance we moved the kitchen to the opposite side of the central passage. Giving each side of the house an anchor point, one a new kitchen island, the other a partly existing baker oven sculpted into a new hearth.