Hovedgata Apartments

Apartment complex in historic urban centre


Hovedgata, Tvedestrand, Norway


Tvedestranda Eiendom AS


In planning 2023

The project is set in a town centre with a defined early 19th century urban fabric under restrictive heritage protection. Through establishing two distinct volumes with defined gaps for pedestrian flow, the proposal aims to negotiate between light industry buildings and the more domestic timber house typology prevalent in the town.

The apartment building contains 15 apartments from 57 – 127m2  as well as basement car park with ramp under the townhouse on the corner. In total, the project covers 2750 m2 above and underground. The apartment building has a ground level entrance in the north towards Tjenna and plenty of it windows in the form of French balconies facing Tjenna in the north as well as spacious balconies and terraces the east and south. Facing Hovedgata, the building creates an urban space shielded from noise from Tjennaveien and Vestervei, with the possibility of an outdoor recreation in a quiet zone.The corner building contains business premises in the basement and on the ground floor and a planned apartment on the first floor floor with a balcony facing Hovedgata. The building faces Hovedgata through a covered entrance area to housing and business, large windows facing Vestervei as well as own entrance to the comercial premises under a bay window towards Tjenna in the north. By establishing two distinct volumes with defined roads and alleys for pedestrian flow, the project resonates with the rich and intimate urban spaces of the village.

The project is done in collaboration with @studio_lon_as