Link House

Renovation and extension of two 19th century houses




Submitted to planning 2020

Transformation and extension of two 19th century houses Norway for a private client. The proposal adds a link building to connect previously unconnected houses on site. The extension is essentially a loggia or covered walkway - negotiating both a change and direction as well as the change in height. It also provides necessary service areas storage and sanitary facilities for the main house. The proposal attempts to negotiate the difference in geometry on site by stepping the datum across the new intervention aligning itself to the buildings on either end. In addition to the expression of structure, the link building also oscillates between masking out and framing the bedrock as a backdrop to the daily circulation of family life. The link building aims to utilize certain material and proportional gestures of the "Sveitserstil".

The project lies in a protected area and is subject to strict heritage zoning.